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Below are resources that you may find useful: 

Documents and Forms:

Volunteer Philosophy 

Minor Waiver Form 

Information about earned complimentary HI USA membership and dorm overnights for volunteers:

HI USA Memberships:

  • Once a volunteer has reached 15 hours of volunteering he/she is eligible for a complimentary HI USA membership. The volunteer will receive an automated email once their 15th volunteer hour is reported with instructions on how to order the membership. A HI USA membership gives you access to all HI USA hostels and makes you eligible for member benefits at Hostelling International hostels around the world.  
  • If your membership expires and you are still an active volunteer with HI USA and have accumulated 15 volunteers since the expiration date you can request a membership renewal through your local volunteer liaison. 

Dorm Overnights: 

  • Once a volunteer has reached 30 hours (an additional 15 to the original 15) he/she can begin to earn complimentary HI USA dorm overnights. Each dorm overnight requires 15 hours and volunteers can earn up to 4 complimentary overnights per 365 days. To redeem overnights, please contact your local HI USA volunteer liaison who will need to make the reservation for you. Please note dorm overnights are only for the participating HI USA hostels listed below. 
  • A few more important details: 
    • Bookings are dependent on availability.
    • Dorm overnights cannot be exchanged for private rooms. 
    • Volunteers must have served within the last 12 months to receive this benefit. 

List of participating HI USA hostels: 

Please visit www.hiusa.org to see information about each hostel location.

HI Austin

HI Baltimore

HI Boston

HI Chicago

HI Eastham*

HI Harpers Ferry*

HI Houston

HI Hyannis

HI LA/Fullerton*

HI LA/ Santa Monica

HI LA/South Bay*

HI Madison

HI Marin Headlands

HI Martha's Vineyard*

HI Mississippi Headwaters

HI Monterey

HI Nantucket*

HI New Orleans (opening 2019)

HI New York City

HI Pigeon Point

HI Point Montara

HI Point Reyes

HI Portland Hawthorne 

HI Richmond

HI Sacramento

HI San Diego Downtown

HI San Diego Point Loma

HI San Francisco City Center

HI San Francisco Downtown

HI San Francisco Fisherman Wharf

HI Truro*

HI Tibbets Point*

*Indicates seasonal hostels 


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